My 2-cents on electing Donald J. Trump

1013333_1117812524930579_1424452756332426209_nYou know, or maybe you don’t know, the majority of people who supported Donald J. Trump are not ignorant, racist, homophobe bigots Hell bent on destroying America.

But, I won’t try to speak for everyone on the Trump Train.  I’ll only speak for myself.

After eight long years of economic  woes in our country, it was time for a change in leadership, a real change from the status quo of entrenched politicians who have driven our country into the ditch while becoming millionaires in office.

People of middle class have suffered greatly since 2007. Many elderly people have helped their families survive by spending their retirement funds to prop up members who have fallen on hard times.

Small business owners have struggled to keep their doors open in the recessionary economy,  brought about by greedy bankers, politicians and realtors who hid behind Dodd-Frank banking legislation.

As a life-long Republican, I have questioned many of our elected officials, past and present. for their self-serving attitudes to empower themselves by stepping on the rights of those they been elected to serve. It’s a breath of fresh air knowing our next President is not one of the corrupt Washington establishment.

As a woman who has seen many years on this planet, I gagged at the thought of having Hillary Clinton as our President for the next four years.  I find her to be one of the most corrupt, self-serving politicians who doesn’t give a damn about anything but herself and her own personal power.

Would I like to see a female President in my lifetime?  You bet I would, but I want one who is elected on merit of accomplishments and civil service to the people of this country.  You see, I come from the 1960’s Civil Rights Era of Equal Rights, not special rights for your gender, skin color, your religion, or whatever crutch you want to use to get ahead in life.

I scrapped my way to the top of the food chain, in my little corner of the world, as a state certified electrical contractor who just happens to hold a Masters of Arts degree. I abhor any woman who would expose their genitals, literally or figuratively, to step on someone else’s rights in the world.  This goes for people of color, white, black, yellow or whatever.  I stand with the great Republican, Martin Luther King, about not judging people by the color of their skin, but by judging them solely on the content of their character.

So, for those of you who are disappointed that your candidate did not get elected, please take a deep breath and think of those around you that don’t agree with your point of view.  We do not appreciate the negative connotations of hatred and bigotry you’re trying to lay on our door step.

Kindly step back and hear the words of Donald J. Trump.  He pledged to be the President for all the people in our country.

Tenth Annual Purple Heart Ceremony

Purple_Heart_FlagTenth Annual Purple Heart Ceremony

The combat wounded Patriots of Aaron A. Weaver Chapter 776, Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH), cordially invite you and your guests to attend the Tenth Annual Purple Heart Ceremony at 11 a.m., Saturday, February 14, Citrus County Auditorium, Fair Grounds, Inverness.  The ceremony commemorates the proud legacy of the Purple Heart and pays tribute to Florida’s fallen heroes of the Global War on Terror and America’s wounded warriors.  Vocalists Paul and Jackie Stevio and 10-year-old Marleigh Miller will provide patriotic music.

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend.

Information for the ceremony Chapter 776