Honesty, that’s all we ask for …

Just sitting here eating stale Christmas cookies, thinking about what the New Year has in store for us.

Have you ever gone to revival or a Bible-thumping church where are the parishioners stand up and shout out Amen or Praise the Lord?

Well, that’s kinda like what I’m feeling stepping into 2017.

It’s evident that our country has a renewed sense of purpose, a purpose that will begin on January 20, 2017 at noon when President Trump is sworn into office.

Will all the campaign promises be fulfilled?  Who knows? What we do know is the overbearing burden of the last eight years is behind us.

President Trump will shoot straight with the America people. Honesty, that’s all we ask for.

Political correctness is finally being laid to rest, thanks to Donald Trump.  People are finally coming out of the shadows, speaking their minds, and defending their principles, without fear of being called racists or homophobes.

Corporate media continues to lap up day-old news from President Trump’s Twitter account, slicing and dicing  his meaning to fit their narrative.

Snowflakes are starting to figure out prizes are only given to winners.

Entertainers haven’t quite figured out we don’t care what their political opinion is.

Democrats are in denial.  That’s OK, us Deplorables don’t care how Hillary lost, just that she did.

Oh, by the way, Mr. Obama? It’s the people’s house, not your house.

So, as I sit here feeling fatter and happier after all my stale cookies and spewing politics, I’d like to wish each of you Happy New Year!







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