Political trickery right under your nose

Rep. Blaise Ingoglia

Do you ever have the feeling the people of Hernando County and the state of Florida are being duped by political trickery?  Well, you should.

Right here in our very own backyard a political shell game is taking place right under your nose.  And, very few people are aware the con game that is taking place by the head of the local Republican party.

Now you say to yourself this just can’t be so because Blaise Ingoglia has been so nice to us.  Stand back and ask yourself a simple question. What has Ingoglia done to enrich your life as loyal Republican?

Has he reduced your taxes?  No, he hasn’t.

Has he reduced economic burdens? No, not quite.

Has he reduced the size of government? Bingo, if you answered no again.

What Ingoglia has done is to enrich his own career at the expense of those gullible enough to believe his con game. The big sales pitch came with workshops run by yours truly, Blaise Ingoglia promoting his Government Gone Wild forums, forums that were aimed at waste, fraud and abuse as a hook.

Hoards of people crowded around Ingoglia hoping for some type of magic elixir to cure their disgust for politicians.  What we got was a flimflam man who is hell-bent on his own personal political power, not public trust.

A majority vote rose Ingoglia to status of chairman of Hernando County Republican Executive Committee which he used as a stepping stone to catapult himself into the Florida Legislature, as our representative in 2014.

Shortly after winning election to Florida Legislature, Ingoglia maneuvered himself into position to be elected as chairman of Republican Party of Florida (RPOF), much to the chagrin of Florida Senate and Governor Scott, so much so that they pulled all funding from Ingoglia’s grasp at the RPOF.

Daniel A. Smith, a University of Florida political science professor, said splintered funding could hamper Ingoglia’s ability to raise funds for the General Election because of rules with Florida Legislature.

Not much has changed in a year with Governor Scott and Florida Senate. There is no firm decision if or when funding from Governor Scott or Florida Senate will resume even though they are making “nice” with RPOF Chairman Ingoglia, at least for appearance sake.

So, where does that leave us heading into the election cycle? It leaves doubts Ingoglia can actually pull rabbits out of his hat to get Republicans elected in November.

One thing is for sure though, Ingoglia hasn’t forgotten about his quest to enrich his personal political power. Just under the wire last Friday, Blaise Ingoglia boldly signed his name on as a candidate at the Supervisor of Election’s office for State Committeeman for Republican Party for Hernando County.

As you scratch you head in disbelief, Ingoglia will be running for State Committeeman position against Roy Martin who has long been associated with Wellington Republican Club.  Tom Hogan, Sr. chose not to run for re-election to the post after almost 50 years of holding the seat.

So if you’re counting, this will be the fourth position Ingoglia hopes to attain on his personal quest for political power.  He seems to be banking on the gullible public he has duped so many times in the past.

Ingoglia’s lust for political power and control can be summed up as megalomania, an unnatural wish for power and control or the belief he is more important and powerful than the electorate.

Would it be too much to ask for Ingoglia to do just one political job well?  He has a mediocre track record with his current jobs as Hernando Republican Executive Committee Chairman, representative for Florida Legislature and chairman of Republican Party of Florida.  Now he wants one more job to add to his resume.

It looks like Ingoglia’s Government Gone Wild seminars of belching smaller government and lower taxes where nothing more than hook to bait the gullible, much like carnival barker selling his wares.


6 thoughts on “Political trickery right under your nose”

  1. I have not attended GOP events, Club and Executive Committee meetings since Blaise Ingoglia and his father took over the GOP, and I will not do so until both are gone.

  2. He is the reason I had to resign from attending GOP events and clubs. I saw and heard all the crap he pulled off at meetings. I could write a book about it.

  3. Seems that when James Scavetta, who was running against Blaise Ingoglia, published much of this very same information on his campaign site in an attempt to inform the voters of Hernando County just who Ingoglia was, you wrote in an article that he was throwing mud and smearing Mr. Ingoglia simply by making publicly documented information – public. When I commented that it was not “smearing” and “mud slinging” to simply make public true facts, you lectured me that you were a “journalist” , then proceeded to delete the comment thread. I guess the question now is, do you think you were wrong to attack Mr. Scavetta for simply speaking the truth then, or have you had a “come to Jesus’ moment now that Ingoglia is in office and gathering power – as Mr. Scavetta warned?

    1. No, I didn’t lecture you about the ethics of journalism. I simply stated the facts used for a “news” story. If Mr. Scavetta wanted his side campaign issues in the story, then he should have replied to my request for information. But he chose to ignore it so the only alternative was to report “public information” Mr. Scavetta had posted on his Facebook page. Information in the “news” story was taken from campaign documents provided by candidates and replies from my request for information. It wasn’t a hit piece to attack candidates.

      Hopefully, you can tell the difference between commentary and news since this post was exactly that, commentary.

      And no, I didn’t just have an epiphany or a “come to Jesus” moment about Mr. Ingoglia. Please take this opportunity to read this link: http://hernandoapa.blogspot.com/2007/09/hit-squad.html

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