SB250-Splitting the Baby

Judgemnt of Solomon by Raphael(1)The Florida State Senate is once again trying to step into the shoes of King Solomon by resurrecting prior, failed legislation to essentially “split the baby in half” with SB250, a bill sponsored by Senator Tom Lee (R) of Brandon and endorsed by Senator Wilton Simpson (R) in committee.

If SB250 is signed into law, local judges in family courts throughout the state of Florida will have absolutely no leeway to help the children of divorced or separated parents. The legislation is written with the legal presumption that it is in the best interest ALL minor children to have equal time sharing with parents without exception. The only way to overcome “the legal presumption” is to initiate prolonged court challenges which would create burden on parents who may not be able to afford extended legal fights.

Florida Senate is attempting to create special legislative powers through statute to violate the constitutional rights of its citizens of Florida, namely minor children. The Florida Senate is violating the very premise of the separation of powers, granted under the Constitution for executive, legislative and judicial powers by circumventing family law judge’s authority who see children of broken homes every day.

SB250 does not take into consideration the physical or mental health of the child regardless of age. SB250 allows alcoholic parents, drug-addicted parents or abusive parents 50 percent timeshare which includes overnight visits, as being in the “best interest” of the child.

The Florida Senate has ignored volumes of medical data that suggests babies and toddlers would be emotionally and psychologically damaged with 50-50 timesharing arrangements.

SB250 is attempting to force 50-50 child sharing for parents with only ONE goal in mind. That goal, is to effectively eliminate child support in the state of Florida. The bill also gives power to retroactively change prior time share agreements and contracts.

Senator Tom Lee who sponsored SB250 has an emotional stake in forcing legislation down the throats of children and parents who cannot afford extended legal fights. Lee, himself, was embroiled in a two-year custody dispute to with his ex-wife to lower his support payments.

King Solomon, himself would have ruled against Senator Tom Lee who is seems more concerned about splitting the baby for his own financial reasons, and not the best interest of the child.

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    1. As you can see by my original commentary, I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Kudos to Rep. Blaise Ingoglia for standing on the side of children and not deadbeat parents who want to scam the system. The only saving grace in the revised legislation are the changes for co-parenting that are not as harsh on responsible parents. Hopefully, Gov. Scott chooses to veto the bill again this year.

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