A newcomer for U.S. Senate race in Florida

todd-wilcox-florida-flag-bg-medium-217x300Brooksville, Fla. – Local Republican club hosted a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Marco Rubio.

Todd Wilcox, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida spoke to the members of First Hernando Republican Club about his campaign. He stressed his achievements.  Wilcox is a combat veteran  who runs two successful businesses in Orlando area which employ over 600 people worldwide.

The audience was eager to listen to Wilcox’s foreign policy experience.  Besides serving in the Army, he was a member of the CIA before coming to Orlando to start his business and settle with his family.

Wilcox emphasized a unique quality in today’s hostile political realm.  He said that it is his first time to run for any political office.  He sets himself apart from his opponents whom he classified as career politicians.

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