Political Robocalls disguised as Public Service Announcement

Steve Zeledon / LinkedIn Image

Brooksville, Fla. – The voice on the phone starts as a cheerful public service announcement. But it quickly turns into a political message.

Hernando County Democrat Executive Committee (HCDEC) chairman, Steve Zeledon is letting his voice be known across thecounty with his political message using robocall method of delivery.

Zeledon’s robocall message begins like a typical public service announcement. It urges everyone to vote by listing the early voting dates and sites around the county.

The HCDEC quickly launches into a Democrat platform message. It proclaims Democrats are standing up for Medicare expansion, legalizing marijuana, marriage equality and good paying jobs in Hernando County.

Robocalls are legal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA). But robocalls require two steps to be legal under TCPA. First, it has to identify the person or group placing the call. And, it must include an address or phone number of the group placing the automated call.

The robocall placed by HCDEC did not include the phone number or address of the local political party office.  TCPA rules violators could be sued for $1,500.00 for offense or call.

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