Pennies from Heaven

Shhhhh, can you hear it?

Listen carefully. It’s the sound of cronyism taking control of the power of the purse in Hernando County. Alas, comrade cronyism is born with an agenda to fatten wallets on the backs of taxpayers.



Hyper-salivating bankers, developers and realtors are drooling like dogs.  Comrades count pennies at night to produce sweet dreams, waking to the sound of Pennies from Heaven.

Smiles and cheers greet the waking Comrades at Arms. Mobilizing bureaucrats join forces to sell the scheme to local inhabitants.

Comrade cronies gathered near and far, wearing dunce caps to stimulate their brains, to come up with a catchy slogan.

“It’s for the Children” proclaimed the comrades while singing “Pennies from Heaven.”

The Queen of Mean says, “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”


Inhabitants grumble, saying their voice has been taken away.

Belly laughs explode from the crony comrades and bureaucrats while singing “Pennies from Heaven” in unison.

A proclamation is made to  “split the baby”  on November 4th, judgement day.


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