Candidates for Florida State Representative, District 35

Vox-Populi.Media recently asked Florida State Representative, District 35 candidates to answer three questions relating to issues concerning their race which will be decided in the General Election on November 4, 2014.

rose.roccoRose Rocco was the only candidate in Florida State Representative, District 35 race to respond by the deadline. Blaise Ingoglia, Hamilton Hanson and James Scavetta did not reply to Vox-Populi.Media request.

Rose Rocco response as candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, District 35:

 Florida District 35 State House of Representative Questions:

  1. The Florida Education Association (FEA) filed a lawsuit in Tallahassee to challenge the constitutionality of state’s tax credit voucher program. The FEA contends the state tax credit voucher is a scheme to divert state money to unregulated private schools. House Speaker Will Weatherford stated the FEA and unions are using their power to block low-income parents from having a choice of educational opportunities for their children. Please state your position on the FEA lawsuit:

Rocco replied: FEA has opened a needed discussion on public education. If adequate funding is brought to the districts they could provide the necessary tools that would allow for quality education within our public schools and eliminate the necessity to look elsewhere. Programs for children with disabilities could then be better addressed.

  1. In June, Governor Rick Scott signed HB -7029 the Zero Tolerance / Pop Tart Bill into law that relaxes penalties on students wearing clothing that depicts firearms or students brandishing half-eaten Pop Tarts shaped like guns. What is your position on Zero Tolerance in schools?

Rocco replied: Safety in our schools is paramount. Especially when looking back at Sandy Hook . Security methods and policies need to be put in place to protect our children with a common sense approach, creating a level of comfort  for students and parents and at the same time protecting our constitutional rights.

  1. The tuition equity bill, also known as Florida’s DREAM Act, was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott which allows some undocumented students the ability to qualify for in-state tuition. It was reported Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford (R) drove the bill through the House by preventing negative votes by his colleagues by threatening to hold the state budget hostage. What is your position on the actions of House Speaker Will Weatherford? And, do you agree with the DREAM Act?

Rocco replied: Will Wetherford made an obvious political decision knowing the demographics. The impact of this legislation will  have a direct effect on the future of this state, county and most of all the lives of these children who want a better life and community. It will allow for them to obtain employment, be productive and contribute to our economy.

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